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cherokee indians the original indians org - the cherokee tribes of east and southeast united states cherokee tribes are native to the north american continent when the european settlers came over in the 16th century the cherokee native american indians were living in the east and southeast united states, native americans blackfoot history and culture blackfeet - blackfoot culture and history as a complement to our blackfoot language information we would like to share our collection of indexed links about the blackfoot people and various aspects of their society sponsored links please note that the blackfoot and other american indians are living people with a present and a future as well as a past, cherokee tribe access genealogy - cherokee indians a powerful detached tribe of the iroquoian family formerly holding the whole mountain region of the south alleghenies in southwest virginia western north carolina and south carolina north georgia east tennessee and northeast alabama and claiming even to the ohio river the cherokee have long held that their tribal name is a corruption of ts l g or ts r g the, shawnee legends folklore myths and traditional indian - index of shawnee indian legends folktales and mythology native languages of the americas shawnee indian legends this is our collection of shawnee folktales and traditional stories that can be read online, native americans the first owners of america legends - produced by dave alexander narrated by dave dart same day voice over to comment see us on youtube here native americans or the indigenous peoples of the americas are the pre columbian inhabitants of north and south america and their descendants, cherokee nation v georgia wikipedia - cherokee nation v georgia 30 u s 5 pet 1 1831 was a united states supreme court case the cherokee nation sought a federal injunction against laws passed by the u s state of georgia depriving them of rights within its boundaries but the supreme court did not hear the case on its merits it ruled that it had no original jurisdiction in the matter as the cherokees were a dependent, legends of indian territory legends of america - the next day when the cherokee continued their journey the elders advised the mothers to look behind them in each place where the mother s tears fell a beautiful white rose began to grow, all my slaves whether negroes indians mustees or - charleston and savannah quickly became the centers of this north american commercial slavery enterprise in the latter half of seventeenth century native american nations throughout the south were played against each other in an orgy of slave dealing that decimated entire peoples 13 the indian slave trade in the carolinas with these southern ports as their centers rapidly took on all of, myths legends at americanfolklore net - a myth is a traditional typically ancient story dealing with supernatural beings ancestors or heroes that serves as a fundamental type in the worldview of a people, plains native american religion internet sacred text archive - the old north trail by walter mcclintock 1910 the blackfeet tribe share their mythology religion ceremonies and songs with a keen observer blackfoot lodge tales by george bird grinnell 1892 folklore religion and culture of a key plains native american group, native american the shawnee mercer online - originally the shawnee were believed to be located in southern ohio west virginia and western pennsylvania in the mid 1600s the iroguois from the north drove them from their homes and they were scattered to the carolinas tennessee eastern pennsylvania and southern illinois, why isn t this map in the history books ancient origins - the southeast the majority of the native american tribes here were skilled farmers and tended to stay in one place the largest native american tribe the cherokee lived in the southeast