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burger king calorie counter calorielab - calorie counts and complete nutrition facts for burger king from the calorielab nutrition database, making low carb choices at burger king verywell fit - there is a nutritional information brochure at burger king but it won t tell you about custom options such as ordering a burger without the bun, fast food chains restaurants burger king calorieking - nutritional information for fast food chains restaurants find more nutritional information in calorieking s 50 000 food database, list of burger king products wikipedia - the big king sandwich is one of the major hamburger products sold by the international fast food restaurant chain burger king and has been part of its menu for more than twenty years during its testing phase in 1996 1997 it was originally called the double supreme and was configured similarly to the mcdonald s big mac including a three piece roll, the best worst menu items at burger king ranked eat - despite being founded a whole year before mcdonald s burger king has been hanging onto their royal coat tails at the number two largest burger chain in america for years behind the golden arches of course now don t be discouraged bk fans there is something the restaurant reigns supreme in, burger king menu prices updated nov 2018 secretmenus - the new burger king menu is one of the most diverse in the market burger king is one of the largest fast food companies in the country on the way to getting there burger king has expanded their menu to have a wide range of selections, low calorie fast food for the drive thru - low calorie food is abundant in fast food restaurants but calories are not your only consideration when you reduce fat you always reduce calories a teaspoon of butter contains 36 calories keep in mind butter has more than twice the calories of sugar, healthy meals at chipotle panera shake shack business - the home of the original chicken sandwich spiced up its menu last year adding a smattering of healthy fare like this option which has 350 calories pretty low as far as lunch items go you, veggie burger reviews no meat athlete plant based diet - a taste test and nutrition assessment of 6 popular veggie burgers most based on non soy ingredients