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islam in indonesia wikipedia - islam is the most adhered to religion in indonesia with 87 2 of indonesian population identifying themselves as muslim in 2010 estimate indonesia has the largest muslim population in the world with approximately 225 million muslims in terms of denomination absolute majority 99 adheres to sunni islam while there are around one million shias 0 5 who are concentrated around jakarta, southeast asia new world encyclopedia - southeast asia sometimes abbreviated to sea is a subregion of asia consisting of the countries south of china east of india and north of australia south east asia consists of two geographic regions the asian mainland and island arcs and archipelagoes to the east and southeast, unit 10 north africa and southwest asia flashcards quizlet - start studying unit 10 north africa and southwest asia learn vocabulary terms and more with flashcards games and other study tools, culture of malaysia history people clothing - history and ethnic relations emergence of the nation the name malaysia comes from an old term for the entire malay archipelago