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wordle beautiful word clouds - wordle is a toy for generating word clouds from text that you provide the clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text, create beautiful indoor portraits without flash nsfw - window light narrowed with curtains iso 800 50mm f 2 8 1 80 sec household lights you can also make great use of simple household lamps i like to remove the shades off the room lights and utilize them as bare bulb light sources, thru you kutiman mixes youtube - what you are about to see is a mix of unrelated youtube videos clips edited together to create thruyou in other words what you see is what you hear, how to make wealth paul graham - may 2004 this essay was originally published in hackers painters if you wanted to get rich how would you do it i think your best bet would be to start or join a startup, small bathroom vanity my love 2 create - for the top i also built a 1x3 frame this time i used 45 degree bevel cuts where you tilt the miter saw blade on it s side then i glued clamped and nailed the frame together, beautiful you life coaching academy - you are constantly being thanked by people for helping them you love to support people to create change feel amazing and shine you ve not so secretly been following amazing life coaches and wishing you could do the same you want to expand your service based business to create more income make money out of your beautiful blog or change career direction all together, how to create a beautiful beachy look with furniture paint - all content on this blog is the property of just the woods llc you are welcome to share my content to include one photo only as long as you provide a link back the original post, json ld and why i hate the semantic web the beautiful - i would just like to say thank you json ld is a beautiful standard i am working on making the uniprot rdf data available in json ld and it is starting to look like something that a js developer would actually use, cut craft create personalized photo map for our paper - 7 cut the foam board to the exact size of the map if need be tape or glue multiple pieces together i used duct tape because it s strong but won t show through the map paper, how to create new shades with makeup you already own - whether you have a manageable or overwhelming collection of beauty products shopping your stash is a great method to rediscover old favorites wear products in new ways and get those creative juices flowing, the decorated house how to create a beautiful antique - how to create a beautiful antique look with annie sloan chalk paint blues wet distressed waxed, i create 3d jelly cakes that you ll probably feel sorry - i am a jelly artist who runs my own business called jelly alchemy i create beautiful 3d jelly cakes using seaweed jelly and natural coloring i began my journey more than two years ago unfortunately in late 2017 i was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer i had to put my business on hold as i had, diy concrete bowl a daily somethinga daily something - a daily something was founded by stylist event designer creative director rebecca gallop to share and celebrate the simple daily somethings that make life beautiful, podcast 32 how to create one day a week that belongs to - would you like to have one day a week just for you to replenish think plan create and get your feet back under you that is the goal of today s post to show you how to make that happen, create your bowl with old el paso tortilla bowls - this shop has been compensated by collective bias inc and its advertiser all opinions are mine alone createyourbowl collectivebias ever since i was a kid my family s had an unwritten rule that we eat dinner together on sunday nights, something you can do with your finger wikipedia - something you can do with your finger is the eighth episode of the fourth season of the animated television series south park and the 56th episode of the series overall, beautiful spacious quiet 3 br 2 5 ba golf c vrbo - beautiful spacious quiet 3 br 2 5 ba golf course villa just steps from pool, beautiful plotting in r a ggplot2 cheatsheet technical - alternatively you can use g labs title temperature back to table of contents make title bold and add a little space at the baseline face margin in ggplot2 versions before 2 0 i used the vjust argument to move the title away from the plot with 2 0 this no longer works and a blog comment below helped me identify an alternative using this link, 7 beautiful writing projects that you can finish in a - 7 beautiful writing projects that you can finish in a single day or even just a few minutes i try to write and i start lots of projects but i never finish anything, how to create a diary 15 steps with pictures wikihow - how to create a diary do you want to start a diary from scratch feeling creative well let s get started get the materials which you ll probably find at home and get started you ll need a pencil too for the basic structure of your, mod podge and food coloring make beautiful reuse music - hi do you ever have a problem getting the mod podge to dry i used mod podge to stick and coat some autumn leaves to jars for tea light holders but some of the mod podge is remaining milky coloured three days later and not going clear, weebly website builder create a free website store or blog - weebly makes it surprisingly easy to create a high quality website blog or online store over 40 million people use weebly to bring their unique ideas to life, write drunk edit sober is bad advice goins writer - hi i m jeff can i send you something for a free guide on growing your blog audience enter your email address in the form below, fabulous fibonacci mensa for kids - fabulous fibonacci download the pdf version of this lesson plan introduction fibonacci numbers are an interesting mathematical idea although not normally taught in the school curriculum particularly in lower grades the prevalence of their appearance in nature and the ease of understanding them makes them an excellent principle for elementary age children to study, who are you talking to how to create an ideal reader - we re going to follow a 2 step process to create an ideal reader profile for your blog why because you definitely want to know who you re talking to every single time you sit down to write or create a pin or record a video or create a product for your your blog, winkipop media professional event photography australia - view and order photos winkipop media offers a dynamic range of professional event photography services across australia studio photo days contact us now on 1300 843 664 to secure your date for a dance school calisthenics club studio photo day for 2018 we bring in all the gear to create beautiful contemporary portraits group photos of all your students then manage all the sales process, 400 beautiful quotes that will make your day magical - every time you smile at someone it is an action of love a gift to that person a beautiful thing mother teresa click to tweet whereas the beautiful is limited the sublime is limitless so that the mind in the presence of the sublime attempting to imagine what it cannot has pain in the failure but pleasure in contemplating the immensity of the attempt, 50 ways to upcycle tree branches and logs living vintage - what wonderful creations you have made i love the items 20 and 36 simple and delicate looking and very eye catching i would love to try some of your ideas one thing i had seen in the past from someone who made christian crosses for walls from raw tree branches and was so beautiful it hung on my friends wall but she told me it was from a different country she had visited forgotten, art journaling as a creative process 2010 - self care is something that is deeply important to me and i continue a practice i started in graduate school which is to keep an art journal specifically for my self care as a therapist, what is something you wish you had known sooner quora - nobody gives a f ck when you require some life has a very unique way of teaching you to control your expectations it s always a case your expectations are never fulfilled and as soon as you start giving a f ck about it you are doing nothing bu, the acts of the apostles biblescripture net - the descent of the holy spirit 1 when the day of pentecost had come they were all together in one place 2 and suddenly there came from heaven a noise like a violent rushing wind and it filled the whole house where they were sitting, 15 apps to create your own picture quotes for instagram - in this post you will learn how to create your own picture quotes for instagram or facebook that look beautiful and don t require any design background or money, life is beautiful music art festival 2018 tickets fri - have questions about life is beautiful music art festival 2018 contact life is beautiful music art festival, how to create a command center that works for your family - hi friends i m meredith from unoriginal mom here today to share some more household and organization tips with you last month i showed you how to use baby oil to shine your stainless steel appliances i hope that s been working as well for you as it has been for me today i want to show you our new family command center as well as share some tips on how to create a command, suffering oriented programming thoughts from the red - the more use cases you have the better you ll be able to find the right curve to fit those points if you don t have enough points you re likely to either overfit or underfit the graph leading to wasted work and overengineering, beautiful soup documentation beautiful soup 4 4 0 - beautiful soup documentation beautiful soup is a python library for pulling data out of html and xml files it works with your favorite parser to provide idiomatic ways of navigating searching and modifying the parse tree